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Audria O'Neill

Welcome to Uncaged Hearts

A Community about Conscious Sexuality & Open-Heartedness

About Us

Inside is a community of people who choose to be true to their unique desires while living in curiosity, integrity, compassion, and thus ULTIMATE CONNECTION. 

We are a group of young to middle aged progressives who believe compassion for ourselves and others is the way forward. 

We believe in human rights and liberated love, which means LGBTQI rights, Sexworker rights, polyamorous rights, that black lives matter, that kink is sexy, and also that feminism (the belief in equal rights for both men and women) will heal the world because even men are constrained by the limited roles created by the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

We are not all exactly the same in our identities, sexual preferences, and lifestyles, but that's the beauty of it! We encourage discovery around our truest selves and seeing each other with our hearts. 

Here you can evolve into your favorite version of you, make extraordinarily meaningful connections, and learn new and interesting things you would have never otherwise understood!

Why You Should Join Us

This is an alternative to the mainstream public social media platforms that are too accessible to judgemental bullies and that sell our activity.

Here on this platform, in this community, your privacy of identity outside this community is guaranteed, your activity is not spied on by outsiders, and there's no ads. 

You can enjoy the features of social media in a safe community with others like you, unafraid of shaming for sex and body positivity.  

Just like Facebook...

*You have your own profile

*Can post text, pics, videos, articles, and polls/questions

*Can direct message others or participate in the community chat


What We Offer

*Everyone is carefully selected and verified

*Featured member bios to help introduce everyone

*Question of the week

*Weekly virtual discussion groups/socials

*Signature course to help you advance your skills in dating and relationships

*Advanced courses

*Invites to FUTURE IN PERSON EVENTS (starting May)

What We Are Not


It's very possible to end up connecting with members in that way, and we hope you do find the right partners for you in our community! It would make complete sense! But this isn't a place to see people as either datable or not. Every person is here to be appreciated in their entirety and therefore not seen as disposable or simply a means for your potential pleasure.


There's enough places for that stuff on the internet. Here we find interest in the whole realm of sexuality, not in simply the act of sex itself. Please only request to join if you truly want to learn and connect <3


We are all about being upfront, real, brave, and truly connecting. Therefore, it's important that we show up as our real selves instead of showing no face and using a handle/fake name in which people can tend to act inappropriately with little accountability. To achieve what this community offers your life it's essential to not hide, have trust with one another, everyone be interacting on an equal level of transparency.

How to Join: Course + Community

Another way we keep the community safe is by all members proving willingness to make a monetary investment by signing up for our signature Uncaged Hearts Course to ensure everyone engages with knowledge and practice in boundaries, how to handle difficult emotions, compassion, elevated communication, ETC.

After making a deposit for the course you get immediate access to the community! After finishing the course you are able to sign up for all advanced workshops such as about Tantra, BDSM, Advanced Sex-Ed, How to Open Up Your Relationship, etc!

Visit www.audriaoneill.com for more info on the course and sign up!

Hope to meet you inside!

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